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E-Ticketing Web Development

E-Ticketing proves pegnosoft web design module enables you to sell tickets online. You can easily book tickets online and generate tickets by printing tickets and make the payment online securely instigate

Gone those days when people had to stand in queues and await for their turn to enquire and book a ticket. advent of online ticket web development based on EAN barcodes and a terminal working on Java application checking validity and availability of tickets has become easy prompt

E-Ticketing Website suits what kind of events. Given below are few events.
  • e-ticket for classes
  • e-ticket for seminars
  • e-ticket for concerts
  • e-ticket for plays
  • e-ticket for Retreats
  • Dinners tickets
  • Games tickets
  • Carnivals tickets
  • Tour tickets
  • Cinema tickets
  • Drama / Dance tickets
Technology for online ticket web design
  • e-store or an online sales system
  • EAN Barcodes and PDF format for generating tickets
  • Data base of sold tickets
  • Java based terminals
  • Unix, Linux and windows servers

In online ticket website through the admin panel show time management, ticket allocation, management of accounts and ticket availability management can be done easily. Besides, statistics related to the amount ticket sold can be easily obtained.