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Web Portal Development

Pegnosoft Technology is constantly changing day-to-day streamlining the business operations and improving inter-business interactions by upgrading this new technology helps in gaining competitive advantage.

Web development is one such technological ingredient for your organization. In this knowledge - intensive economy, web design becomes your integrated platform, which delivers end to end web portal solutions set up in The basic difference between a website and a web portal is in its usability.

The special feature of a web portal is building community, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Display Advertising of registered users who use the portal business services on a regular basis. Better communication system, good design and automated business process are some key functionalities of a niche web portal on day to day process in the company of

Communication System

Effective management of communication system for a web portal is the primary functionality.

It Covers :
  • A complete content management systeme
  • Document management and digital media management
  • User management that involves user (login/registration) panel for members and admin panel for managing, tracking reporting and analyzing user behaviors
  • Collaborating other forms of communication such as reviews, surveys, polls, blogs, forums, web conferencing and others
Business Process Automation

Customer relationship management, Workflow management, Accounts management and Human resource management, for smooth running of business is another vital business functionality that can be achieved through a web portal.

A custom built web portal design delivers you a comprehensive solution for your business.